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Unlike my MIDI page this page includes actual recordings of actual instruments. That doesn't mean they sound any better, though. Tunes with a description may actually be listenable.

The further down the page you go, the "better" the music is. Partially this is a result of it being in chronological order :-) Generally. I have tried to include only the recordings that showcase a particular melody or style, not the truly dreadful bulk of the music I have captured on my phone. As time goes on, I hope to begin including performances recorded on better equipment, and then edited and mixed for a less amateur-hour sound.

[SND]2018-05-26 09.39.07.ogg

2021-03-03 21:29 93K

[SND]2018-06-09 13.01.48.ogg

Classic blues riff on a distorted electric guitar

40 seconds 186K

[SND]2018-06-09 13.03.16.ogg

2021-03-03 21:30 54K

[SND]2018-06-09 13.03.49.ogg

2021-03-03 21:33 879K

[SND]2018-06-09 13.08.31.ogg

2021-03-03 21:34 440K

[SND]2018-06-09 13.12.04.ogg

2021-03-13 13:57 317K

[SND]2018-06-09 13.14.30.ogg

2021-03-03 21:34 335K

[SND]2018-06-09 13.17.17.ogg

Finger-picked distorted grunge guitar with a playful tone

1 minute 48 seconds 522K

[SND]2018-06-09 13.21.19 acoustic minor improv.ogg

Finger-picked acoustic with no effects. Passable musicianship, although it gets a little loose right in the middle and ends with a vaguely Flamenco finish

2 minutes 54 seconds 898K

[SND]2018-06-09 13.27.24.ogg

2021-03-03 21:34 529K

[SND]2018-06-16 09.38.53.ogg

2021-03-03 21:35 246K

[SND]2018-06-16 09.41.06.ogg

2021-03-03 21:35 97K

[SND]2018-06-16 09.42.08.ogg

Distorted guitar with an ascending, tension-inducing chord progression

1 minute 10 seconds 21:35 390K

[SND]2018-06-16 09.50.29.ogg

2021-03-03 21:35 962K

[SND]2018-06-16 09.57.38 tapping solo improv.ogg

A tapping solo improvizational/etude that has kind of grown on me

1 minute 40 seconds 567K

[SND]2018-06-16 10.03.58 were not in kansas anymore.ogg

With a sound like '70s Kansas, I couldn't think of any other description

36 seconds 197K

[SND]2018-10-06 16.30.38 crunch-ola.ogg

Just the distorted guitar; no additional pedals

2 minutes 2 seconds 681K

[SND]2018-10-06 16.37.19.ogg

2021-03-03 21:36 429K

[SND]2018-10-06 16.40.27 happy riff.ogg

2 minutes 8 seconds 752K

[SND]2018-10-06 16.42.41.ogg

2021-03-03 21:36 1.1M

[SND]2018-10-06 16.48.14 smoke on the water variations.ogg

Those famous four chords in three keys

1 minute 16 seconds 416K

[SND]2018-10-07 10.45.35 piano riff.ogg

Short, like it says

37 seconds 197K

[SND]2018-10-07 10.46.49.ogg

Peaceful piano with a little lilt toward the second half

1 minute 34 seconds 489K

[SND]2018-11-23 11.01.21.ogg

Strumming, disorted grunge guitar with a simple rhythm that sounds vaguely like Rush's "Working Man"

3 minutes 1 second 967K

[SND]2018-11-23 11.07.59.ogg

2021-03-03 21:37 299K

[SND]2019-01-20 13.31.40.ogg

Distorted grunge guitar with a little minor-key bluesy riff and a pleasant feedback finale

3 minutes 33 seconds 1.1M

[SND]2019-01-20 13.57.32.ogg

Highly distorted guitar solo, starting slow and then going to chaotic finger-tapping

2 minutes 3 seconds 697K

[SND]2019-01-23 06.59.33.ogg

2021-03-03 21:38 557K

[SND]2021-03-01 08.13.29.ogg

Piano with a little syncopation, but mostly trills in c-minor

1 minute 4 seconds 334K

[SND]2021-03-03 21.02.13.ogg

Peaceful piano short

3 minutes 10 seconds 1.0M

[SND]2021-03-03 21.08.37.ogg

Peaceful piano

3 minutes 10 seconds 1.0M

[SND]2021-03-13 09.50.34.ogg

Peaceful piano

4 minutes 8 seconds 1.3M

[SND]2021-03-13 09.59.35.ogg

Peaceful piano

3 minutes 2 seconds 950K

[SND]2021-03-31 20.11.29.ogg

2021-03-31 20:32 706K

[SND]2021-03-31 20.13.52.ogg

2021-03-31 20:32 1.2M

[SND]2021-03-31 20.24.07.ogg

2021-03-31 20:32 1.1M

[SND]2021-05-29 08.05.09.ogg

2021-06-23 23:39 1.2M

[SND]2021-06-19 13.06.57.ogg

2021-06-23 23:39 774K

[SND]2021-06-21 19.21.27.ogg

2021-06-23 23:39 813K

[SND]2021-06-21 19.25.53.ogg

2021-06-23 23:39 699K

[SND]2021-06-21 19.32.36.ogg

2021-06-23 23:39 764K

[SND]2021-06-27 11.19.57.ogg

2021-08-13 07:58 638K

[SND]2021-06-27 11.22.04.ogg

2021-08-13 07:58 1.1M

[SND]2021-08-12 06.59.35.ogg

Distorted grunge guitar with drum

1 minute 6 seconds 362K

[SND]2021-08-12 07.04.41.ogg

2021-08-13 07:58 945K

[SND]2021-08-12 07.10.44.ogg

Ethereal guitar mostly finger-picked with a little wah-wah

4 minutes 51 seconds 1.5M

Listen as this tune develops...

I have wanted to learn how to use the Audacity digital audio processing and MIDI suite for a long time. Experimentation tends to get me the best results if I'm not in a formal classroom environment, so that's how this project is being done.

After my first project (Expanded Space, below) -- which I recorded in June 2022 and then edited soon after -- I decided to try something a little more ambitious. I chose to work over a guitar riff from 2021 that I had improvised without the benefit of a metronome. This has made the editing and mixing process far more difficult than it would otherwise be. It ticks along at roughly 127 beats per minute; however, the tempo is extremely uneven. I overlaid a tempo track to set up the drums and realized I was going to have to manually slide every snippet around to make them work with the rough-mixed guitar part. Don't do it this way!

[SND]2021-09-05 13.36.13.ogg

The unprocessed original recording from my phone. Chorus and flanged guitar with wah-wah; some fairly aggressive distortion in the middle.

2 minutes 11 seconds 754K

[SND]2021-09-05 13.36.13 Terrible Trouble - Rough Mix

Named that tune. Built a rough mix with some stereo separation, compression, and tone adjustments. One little splice of a chunk of grunge.

2 minutes 13 seconds 1M

[SND]2021-09-05 13.36.13 Terrible Trouble - Bass Drum Mix

Added a bass drum using software-generated Risset tones.

2 minutes 13 seconds 1M

[SND]2021-09-05 13.36.13 Terrible Trouble - Bass Drum and Tom Tom Mix

Added a tom tom drum using software-generated Risset tones.

2 minutes 13 seconds 1M

[SND]2021-09-05 13.39.09.ogg

2021-09-05 15:10 893K

[SND]2021-09-05 13.41.50.ogg

A longer take of "Terrible Trouble"

3 minutes 24 seconds 1.1M

[SND]2022-06-10 07.41.33.ogg

Grunge guitar with a tiny bit of reverb; verging on speedmetal

1 minute 13 seconds 395K

[SND]2022-06-19 08.19.39.ogg

Piano with a tempo adjustment from the usual. Recorded a day or two after tuning the piano myself for the first time. Try to ignore the completely muffed note at 4:33.

5 minutes 16 seconds 3.5M

[SND]2022-06-19 06.39.44.ogg

Piano with a different tempo adjustment from the usual. Recorded a day or two after tuning the piano myself for the first time. I played a little sloppily but it still feels right.

3 minutes 06 seconds 2.1M

[SND]Expanded Space (rough mix)

Ambient chill; it's actually my century-old Brambach baby grand piano digitally recorded on my phone, slowed way, way down, and then pumped through some Audacity filters. The original recording is 2022-06-19 06.39.44.ogg. This is my very first Audacity project.

30 minutes 28 seconds 70M

[SND]Raw Rhearsal 2022-11-12 (Stereo Mixdown)

A very quick stereo mixdown of me playing the 'lectric with a MIDI drum rhythm. Basically, 20 minutes of "practice time" when the house was empty. You may recognize some riffs from earlier on this page as well as some badly-rendered but considerably more famous hooks.

20 minutes 25 seconds 28M

[SND]Raw Rhearsal 2023-10-01 (Mono)

14 minutes 41 seconds 28M

[SND]Raw Rhearsal 2023-10-08 (Mono)

1 minute 55 seconds 28M

[SND]Raw Rhearsal 2023-10-21 (Mono)

3 minutes 35 seconds 28M

[SND]Raw Rhearsal 2023-11-25 (Mono)

9 minutes 9 seconds 28M

[SND]Raw Rehearsal 2023-10-08 (Mono)

1 minute 2 seconds 28M

[SND]Raw Rehearsal 2023-10-08 (Mono)

6 minutes 30 seconds 28M

[SND]Raw Rehearsal 2023-10-21 (Mono)

6 minutes 20 seconds 28M

[SND]Raw Rhearsal 2023-11-25 (Mono)

6 minutes 35 seconds 28M

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