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Marc Elliot Hall's MIDI Music Page

No real instruments on this page; these are all artificially generated via MIDI signals on my PC. Some sounds aren't particularly realistic, either.

First Tune

Arpeggiated Piano

2nd Tune

Arpeggiated Piano

3rd Tune

Small Ensemble

4th Tune

Piano with Keyboard

5th Tune

Small Ensemble; short riff

6th Tune

Dark Keyboard Theme

7th Tune

Short Drum Pattern

8th Tune

Small Rock Ensemble with a Speed Metal Feel

C Minor Etude

Piano Etude in C Minor

D Major Piano

Very Short Piano Etude with a (Weak) Ragtime Flavor

D Minor Piano

Acoustic Guitar over Keyboard Arpeggios

F Major Etude

Piano Etude

F Minor Piano Etude

Keyboard Chorus and Electric Guitar

Metal Improvization

Vintage '70s Rock Organ with a Heavy Metal Beat. Lotsa Cowbell

Rock Improvization

'50s Doo-Wop Rock with Lead Organ and Piano. Weak ending

Variations on Pachabel's 'Canon in D'

Piano with Growl

Houses of Stone; Windows of Glass

Piano with Keyboard, Bass, and Percussion

Organ Etude

Rock Organ Theme

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