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Linux Resources

1998 USENIX Annual Technical Conference

Linux for Macintosh Hardware

LinuxPPC- Linux for PowerPC Systems
MkLinux: Linux for the Power Macintosh
The Linux/m68k for Macintosh Project

Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Linux
Red Hat Linux Manual
Red Hat Software, Inc.

All About Linux
ApplixWare for Linux
Freshmeat Linux News
Linux Gazette Index Page
Linux Installation and Getting Started Guide - Contents
Linux International
Linux Network Administrators' Guide
Linux NOW!
Linux Online - The Linux Home Page
Linux Resources(TM)
Linux Standard Base
Linux System Administrator's Guide - Short Contents
Linux Weekly News
Sacramento Area Linux Users Group
Troll Tech

Open Source Resources

Blows Against the Empire
The Cathedral and the Bazaar
FreeBSD and Linux Resources
Homesteading the Noosphere
The Open Source Page
The Open Group
Eric Raymond's Home Page
The WDVL: Introduction to UNIX for Web Developers

Security Resources

AntiOnline - Computer Security - Hacking and Hackers
CERT/CC Advisories 1990-1998
CERT Coordination Center
Cult of the Dead Cow - Back Orifice
rootshell.com - hosted by connectnet.com


Adobe Systems Incorporated
Be, Inc.
Borland Online
Broderbund Software, Inc.
Caligari Corporation
Corel Corporation
developer direct
Fractal Design Online
Jumbo!, The Download Network
LucasArts Entertainment Company
Macromedia - Software
Microsoft Corporation
NECX: Your Network to the World's Computer Products!
Network Associates
Novell World Wide
Quark, Inc. Homepage
Webmaster Tool Chest
ZD Net Software Library


Sylvan Learning Systems, Inc.
Novell: Education: Certified Internet Professional Home
Microsoft Training and Certification
Open Learning Center, Inc. The best SCO Unix, Java, Perl, and Electronic Commerce training.
Transcender Corporation Homepage

X-Window Managers for Linux/Unix

Enlightenment Window Manager
Themes.org -- [t.o]
Window Managers for X
GNOME Project
The K Desktop Environment
MetroLink Xwindowing server
XIG, Linux Xwindowing on multiple monitors


Electric Utilities and Year 2000
Gary North's Y2K Links and Forums
North American Electric Reliability Council - Year 2000
Y2K News Magazine - The World's Leading News Magazine for the Year 2000 Millennium Bug Problem

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